The adoption archive of Pelkris in Semarang has been digitalised

Good news! The archive can now be consulted by e-mail by adoptees

With a subsidy from the Dutch government, we were able to digitize the Pelkris archive in Semarang.

For more than 40 years the files have been kept in a bookcase and time began to take its toll. Some documents were no longer in good condition and began to decay. Fortunately, we were still on time for most of the files.

With a lot of patience, our tower of strength, Dadang Supardi, has put together a team with the help of the Rise Foundation from Yogyakarta.
For days they patiently and carefully scanned all the documents. Then the documents were  digitally stored in a specially for this cause developed database.

A huge job, but well worth it.

How did it happen?

dossiers semarang adoptie

The files were kept in a bookcase for more than 40 years

archief Semarang archief Semarang

Dadang Supardi and the team of the Rise Foundation have scanned all documents one by one and entered them into the database, that was specially developed for this purpose.

via zoom zijn we in Semarang   ondertekening door Ibu Indonesiade ondertekening via zoom



By signing the Memorandum of Understanding, Yth. Ibu Novi Astuti, the chairwoman of Pelkris in Semarang and the Ibu Indonesia Foundation (represented by Mr. Dadang Supardi) confirmed the cooperation so that every adoptee (who was adopted through Uncle Gan) can easily and quickly access his or her file.
(The board of the Ibu Indonesia Foundation was present via Zoom.)

Which files can be found in this archive?

From the 1970s till the early 1980s, about 300 children were adopted with the help of Uncle Gan (Mr. Gan Koen San) from Semarang by European and Australian parents.
Unlike many other organizations, uncle Gan has archived the adoption files so the files have been preserved and can still be consulted.

Gan Koen San (Uncle Gan) was involved with the following foundations at the time:

  • Kegiatan Kesedjahteraan Kanak Fanny (Semarang)
  • Yayasan Panti Asuhan Kristen Eunike (Semarang)
  • Badan Sosial Kristen Agape (in Semarang en Ambarawa)
  • Badan Koordinasi Kegiatan Sosial (Bakorkesos) (Semarang)

He organised adoptions for children from all over Indonesia (so not only for children born in Semarang).

Uncle Gan also sometimes worked with other adoption organizations in Indonesia, like the foundation Pangkuan Si Cilik of Lies Darmadji and Pondok Pelangi (Jakarta) and Panca Dharma (Sukorejo).

In the Sweden he worked with the Swedish Society for International Child Welfare (Doris Thomas).

Children mainly went to the Netherlands, but also to Sweden, Denmark, Australia and Germany.

Do you want access to your file?

Were you adopted with the help of Uncle Gan? And do you want access to your file? That  is very easy now.

  1. Make a copy of your identity card or passport,
  2. fill out the application form,
  3. make a copy of a document from your own adoption file that contains your Indonesian name and the name of your Indonesian mother or parents,
  4. send these three documents to:
  5. Transfer 4 euros to IBAN NL86 INGB 0009 3779 84 in the name of Stichting Ibu Indonesia stating “Pelkris” and your name.

Once your payment has been received, your application (if everything is clear and complete) will be forwarded to a Pelkris employee.
She will search in the digital database. If your file is found, you will receive a copy of the documents by email. If nothing has been found, we will also contact you.

You don’t have all the information we ask for? Fill in the form with the information you do have and we will contact you.

The 4 euros are for Pelkris and will be used by Pelkris for their social projects.

Application form  >>>